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A six month holiday to coastal South Australia in his mid-20s presented the opportunity to observe some drastically different scenery, and it soon turned into a more permanent move. Roger – fascinated by the sweeping coastlines, sunburnt landscapes and the vibrant colours of the native birdlife in his new home – found his passion for art once again ignited. Working from his new studio at Port Elliot in the late 1970s and early 80s, he exhibited his first works at the Victor Harbor Rotary Art Exhibition, where he won first prize in a section for one of his paintings. It marked the beginning of his career as an artist and a lifetime passion.

Over the past 40 years, Roger’s art has been showcased around the country and internationally. Today, he paints from his studio in the historic Mine Manager’s House in Kapunda South Australia. There, he works on original paintings, silverpoint and Graphite drawings and wood carvings.

Roger’s works have been said to have quite a rural feel to them, with rusted barbed wire and gnarled, weather-worn fence posts often common elements. His paintings of Australian birds depict these creatures the way we all see them; perched on road side fences, squabbling in fruit trees, or simply sitting and watching the world go by within their natural habitats.


Adelaide 1980 – 89: Kingston House Gallery, Green Hill Gallery, Studio 466, Barry Newton Gallery.

1980s Solo Exhibitions: Lombard Gallery, Darwin Framed Showcase Galleries

Sydney 1980-2000: George styles Gallery, Boyd Gallery, Morpeth Gallery.

Melbourne and Victoria: Wire Grass Gallery Eltham, Wise Possum Gallery, Adelaide’s Fine Art, Camberwell

Sydney 2001 Christies Australia art Auction to raise money for the Barren Grounds Bird Observatory educational centre for schools

Save the Children exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London


Wildlife art society of Australasia (WASA)

E W Fitzpatric award 1992

The Peter Fox award 1993

Victorian Antique and Arts award Best Bird Painting 2000

Wildlife Arts Society of South Australia Best Oil/Acrylic 1993 and several Highly Commended awards over the years.

Port Adelaide Rotary award winner

Camberwell Victoria (Best Bird painting)

Finalist in the inaugural 2003 Waterhouse Natural History Exhibition Adelaide

Kidman Exhibition 2007 award winner plus Peoples’ Choice Award.

Save the Children exhibition in London at the mall galleries